Where We Can Help

Conflict Resolution

Having to deal with difficult customers and colleagues is a reality of our working lives. But how often do we ignore niggling problems until they escalate into a crisis? It's better for everyone (and certainly better for business) to catch a conflict in the early stages.

Specific roleplays can be tailored for individuals, so they can "practice" dealing with a difficult meeting or interview and have a dummy run before the real thing.


Sales Performance/Customer Service

This is an area where attention to the smallest details can make a huge difference to your impact on customers. Sometimes it's hard to change comfortable and familiar ways of doing things, but we can make this challenge both achievable and enjoyable. Our roleplayers create a safe space in which employees can experiment with new techniques.

Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness is a valued quality in the workplace and can help reduce stress and improve job satisfaction and performance. How do you get what you want while still respecting the rights and wishes of other people? Working through challenging scenarios with experienced roleplayers is a perfect way to acquire this skill.


Forum Theatre

This is an interactive process where actors perform a scenario, and take coaching from the audience to change their behaviours and create a different outcome. Forum Theatre is a good technique for reaching numbers of staff and can work well for employees who don't want to take part in any roleplay sessions themselves.